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Need help picking a window trim color

Adris LLC
3 months ago

Hi all! I purchased an old school house with BIG windows that quite frankly need to be replaced (but that won't happen any time soon). Walls in this room are Agreeable Grey but we haven't painted the windows, door trims, or molding yet. We have shades for these windows that are very similar to AG and I have to use them until we replace windows (for reference windows are 95 from bottom sill to top). I would eventually like to paint the grids (is that the word?) black or when we replace them they will be black. I'm trying to keep the house cohesive and it's neutrals (mostly AG) with navy, black and iron ore.

So long story to get to this question. What color to paint the windows (knowing it's temp). I've been debating AG, Iron Ore or Tricorn Black. This room gets a TON of light fyi.

Also if it helps, I'm planning on flanking one side with a tall China cabinet and was thinking of a dark color. I wanted to add drapes as well but don't know that there is enough room.