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-20F in CO rose survival report

4 months ago

We've just finished our spring prune. The bed looks good but much diminished from previous years. We only had three roses with some cane.

First place is Winnipeg Parks. Alot of surviving cane! She was a pain to prune because of all the dead mixed in with the live but she has colorful buds already so she is worth it. Usually she has no winter die back here in zone 5 CO.

2nd place is Robusta. She usually also has no winter die back so we are starting with a smaller bush. But she also has alot of green (no color yet) buds.

A distant third was Easy on the Eyes. She is middle back of this picture. I say distant third because she didn't lose all her cane but the others who did are catching up and surpassing her.

Everything else died right down to the ground. But they are all coming back.

Amiga Mia, the larger bush on the right is doing very well and outpacing her neighbors.

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