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UPDATED....Tips for hot sleepers...

9 months ago
last modified: 8 months ago

Suprisingly this is not old lady hot flash related thread.

My son who is 23 yrs old is a hot sweaty little sleeper.

He is a skinny guy so weight is not an issue.

I was trying to look up his mattress to see what its made out of, but I know for sure it's not a like a foam or latex type.

I tried a mattress cover to see if that would help, but doesn't seem to make a difference.

Are there cooling mattress covers or pads that actually help?

Cooling blankets? I felt a cooling throw at Costco that actually felt cool to the touch, but I wonder if it's because Costco is cold inside.

What type of sheets work for hot sleepers?

Any tips or suggestions would be helpful.

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