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Does anyone have a subcompact SUV?

12 days ago

I'm thinking of getting one of these mainly for the cost. I was a little put off by how small the Corolla was that I sat in yesterday, but I've owned three of them in the past and had no issues with the size before. I think I'm just so used to my Altima and so going down to a smaller car seems so drastic.

The only time I need large cargo space is when hauling compost for the garden and a couple hay bales I get every year. I can get both delivered if I have to. I can also keep my Altima for hauling purposes until the engine or transmission goes out. I can put 20-25 bags of compost in the trunk and back seat!

I do plan on traveling in the U.S. quite a bit now that I'm retired, but am used to using a small carry on, wheeled bag and usually people who would travel with me do the same. So am wondering if I really need to have a larger SUV. The extra $10,000 or more for a mid sized SUV is a lot of money for me now that I'm in retirement. I plan on paying cash either way, but every time I think of the extra cost I gringe.

Does anyone here own a subcompact SUV and how do you like it?

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