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Another mahjong case for a friend

4 months ago

I've become quite close friends with a woman who spends winter at the same golf community that we do. She admired the mahjong case that I made for myself, and she asked if I could make her one. I said it was pretty expensive and that it was an awful lot of work, and basically said no. That was early in the winter. By the time we left in early spring, we had become such good friends that I decided I would make her a quilt. Then I happened to think... she had asked for a mahjong case. I found some fabric that someone had given me that hadn't worked for any of the quilts I made, as well as a fabric that would make a perfect lining. I went to JoAnn Fabrics and found all the notions I needed and used a 50% off coupon. I made the case and the bags for the tiles and racks and mailed it all to her last week. She was so excited and happy. She called immediately to say thank you and then sent a beautiful thank you note. She said all her mahjong friends are jealous. I'm so happy that I did that for her. And the bag is quilted, so I guess it qualifies as a "quilt" too.

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