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Landscaping front of house

4 months ago

I am reposting this question with additional photos and location - thanks for the comments. We are north of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Need ideas for this space. There used to be shrubs/trees against the porch and in a long flower bed, but when we moved in, they had all died, so we pulled them out. We replaced with perennials and annuals in the bed in front of the porch. We also had sidewalk pavers between that bed and a second bed closer to the drive pad, but those plants became unruly and looked awful. Thinking of planting something that only requires part sun against the porch and then paving the rest of the space and placing containers for plants that need more sun. Don't want the containers to shade the plants in the bed in front of the porch or have the containers blocked too much by the cars we park on the drivepad. I'm really not sure what to do.

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