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Anyone Selling Bottomless Pots?

Does any vendor sell decorative pots that are bottomless? I want a decorative way to create a tiny raised bed in a planting area. In the photo below, I circled a garden pot I just randomly set down in some groundcover. Of course I could drill out the bottom of any pot, but that is a lot of work, and for a ceramic pot it would be easy to crack it. Then you have to worry about sealing the edges if the pot is glazed.

A bottomless pot could be a decorative addition to a planting area on its own, while at the same time greatly simplifying draining by connecting the soil to the earth. I am actually quite surprised that this is not a larger product category, as it would really simplify many issues when doing a planting. I could use a small utility / Christy box, but I am hoping I have more decorative options available.

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