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Have to laugh, didn't wait until Mother's Day

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

So last Sun. May 7th or was it Mon. May 8th? We started trimming the roses to get a jump on the post Mother's Day trimming. I had looked at the weather and it looked smooth sailing until Mother's Day so I thought we were safe.

Sitting here today watching the news show big hail, sleet and hard rain in the area. Commented to my husband, that all the dead cane would have protected the new growth if we got the big hail, we should have waited. He laughed and said, every year you say wait until Mother's Day and every year we make the mistake of getting started early.

I'm posting this because we failed to wait...again. Last year may have been the only one we did. Luckily still plenty of dead cane out there. Only did the very smallest roses since the big ones have very thick and tough big dead canes.

Feel sorry for those getting the big hail. I'm sure it is shredding everything.

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