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selling long distance success

I want to mention this for the information of anyone else that might find themselves in this position......Due to the death of a distant relative, I found myself in the position of having to sell a house long-distance, and in another country. I haven't been in the house for about a dozen years, and my relative had lived in her son's home for about 18 months before her death, so the house has been empty (but checked on and monitored by a service). The reason why I'm selling the house instead of her son is a complicated legal situation that I won't get into (though he did decline the opportunity to buy it himself).

I looked for realtors who were selling or have sold homes in the close vicinity, and chose one after emailing several about my situation. After the paperwork was settled, she went about hiring maintenance, repair, and cleaning companies to fix the deficits (plaster, paint, plumbing fixture repair, roof repair, pool maintenance, cleaning, etc), and then she had photos taken and got it all on the market in 3 weeks - and all while not running afoul of HOA rules. She asked for an extra half percent in commission for the organizing and hiring work, which I thought was a bargain; my biggest problem was figuring out how to pay some of the bills from companies that didn't take credit cards. I know that it helps that it is a pricey home; in the end, I paid about 1% of the listing price in pre-sale work. The house sold a few days after listing, and it's set to close in a few weeks.

What I thought would be a horrible task turned out to be very straightforward and relatively easy, with the help of a good agent. Now, though, I have the IRS and legal bills, but that's a different story.

Here's the house:,-AZ-85258_rb/8057790_zpid/

It you find yourself in this situation, put your time and effort into finding a good agent to help.

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