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Did I overwater or underwater this new Colette?

last year
last modified: last year

I planted this Colette right after I received it on April 20, 2023.

(Should've waited till April 22 to purchase... Heirloom Roses had a 25% off sale on Earth Day, which was such a sting because I paid full price for this Colette! $52!)

We had quite warm weather in the past week, up to the high 80s. The newly planted David Austin bare root roses are doing well, but the leaves on this Colette (already thin and few stems when arrived) have wilted. They didn't turn yellow, they simply became limp and then fell off. The tips of the stems have also turned black.

All my roses are on irrigation already (4 gallons, once a week), and I gave Colette an extra gallon of water on a hot day.

I have 50+ David Austin Roses happily growing in my garden in the past 3 years, but even with such "experience" I feel like such a novice when seeing Colette like this.

What seems to be the problem with my Colette? Is there still any hope? I sure want it to grow... This is the first time I'm purchasing from Heirloom Roses and I really wanted the Colette.

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