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Have layout sugg's for a 10' x 10.5' office?

7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

This room is part of the basement. The entry to the room, although not shown on these images, will be twin doors that open into the corridor either to a 5' opening, or to a 6' opening if I position the doors a bit off-center, about 10" to the right so both doors have room to open up flat over the outer walls in the corridor.

I need 4 workplaces for computers, and some comfortable seating. Was thinking of using the wall of windows for 3 workplaces.

I also want to include sleeping possibility, wonder if I can fit two beds somehow (pull out sofa, pull out chair...?).

Wracking my brain to see how we can magically make this work in this space.

Any ideas will be SO welcomed!

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