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Neighbors (Who overwater to the extreme) sprinklers hitting my lawn...

5 months ago

Hi folks,
On both sides of me I have neighbors who over-water their lawns to the extreme. Their sprinklers also shoot into my yard by a few feet on each side. I have an organic lawn...I mow high, mulch the clippings, and use an organic fertilizer on occasion. I only need to irrigate during drought. I have the thickest, greenest lawn every year...meanwhile my neighbors are constantly having to renovate their lawn each year. Amazing they haven't caught on yet...
Anyway, in these areas my lawn is constantly wet as they water almost daily (and 3 times a day right now as they attempt to fix their lawn via overseeding). I get fungus, moss, and the lawn just doesn't look as good as everywhere else. It's a pain when I want to mow as well. On one side I have some holly shrubs that are constantly wet...and that bed gets full of mushrooms/ fungus. I don't want to lose those shrubs to disease either.
In one case, the neighbor has these rotary heads designed for 25 ft ranges in a small 12 ft strip, along his driveway aimed outward at me. Even dialed down they come into my yard. On the other side it's a narrow 2 ft strip and he has these misters that only go down to 5 feet, again along his driveway facing outward towards me. When I've spoken to them they said they're dialed down to the minimum. How about get the proper heads...geez. On both sides I have a split rail fence. Thinking of stapling some kind of material or plastic sheeting in key areas to block the water. But I don't want something that will heat up in the summer and act like a greenhouse and fry my lawn/shrubs.
What do you think? Thanks!

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