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Americast tub chipped on lip--Potential rust problem?

Franklin Pearcy
last month
last modified: last month

Hi Everyone,

I ordered an Americast Princeton porcelain-enamel steel tub from a national showroom dealer and the tub arrived with a pretty large chunk of enamel chipped off the lip at the end opposite the drain (see photo).

I requested a replacement but the sales rep says it’s fine--will be covered up by the backer and tile and won’t affect anything. She contacted American Standard who reiterated this and they offered a repair kit to “touch up” the missing enamel.

My concern is that moisture will eventually get behind the tile and cause the chipped area to rust which would then discolor the grout and caulk in front of it and possibly the top of the tub where it meets the tile (I will be installing the backer ABOVE the lip, not overlapping it leaving the rust area exposed to the tile and grout). I’ve also read posts stating the repair product does not hold up long term against rust.

Are my concerns warranted and should I demand a replacement? Or should I accept the repair kit and not worry about issues down the road? Thanks for your responses.

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