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Rose Rosette disease is still happening and I think it's broken me

2 months ago

So the roses that made it through the fast freeze in mid November are showing fairly good growth now. They place themselves in two catagories:

can't tell anything happened, just brimming with good leavles and great growth

look as if they were planted from the cheapest bagged roses left out on a hot cement patio in June and otherwise mistreated. These are the ones that are up to eight years old and are going to need all the help they can get.

In both catagories, there is new RRD showing up. None of them are close to other roses. The huge farms upwind of us (Thelma's farm and what Heath bought and subdivided) are being built on, big houses on five acre+ lots and pretty thoroughly cleared) and not any huge infestations of sick multiflora that I've seen anywhere. But the infections have spread. I'd guess at first glance five new infected canes, scattered over our hill top.

I ordered five new roses from Edmunds and they look good, and I feel bad about planting them because I can't protect them. We know where not to plant from experience with mite drop in the past two decades. But damn, I had hoped high windage areas might have a chance.

And with the Amur honeysuckle taking over the fence lines it's going to be a whole lot harder seeing if the multiflora is healthy or not.

Thanks for putting up with me, it just got to me worse than ususal this year.

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