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Freestanding tub material, heat retention

last month

I'm working on selecting a freestanding tub for a new home build, and trying to decide between materials.

Acrylic is obviously the budget friendly choice, while resin and cast iron are considered more durable.

One big thing I'm trying to get a better sense of is heat retention. We don't want whirlpool or air jets due to noise, so that rules out inline heaters.

I've read that resin and cast iron retain heat better, but can't really find much quantitative info. How much longer? I don't think either of us will be in the bath longer than 30 minutes, so would acrylic be sufficient?

I do see some brands offer optional insulation on their acrylic tubs, which would still typically come in at a lower cost than a resin or cast iron tub, so that seems like a no-brainer if we go acrylic.

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