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radiant floor question

Jj J
2 months ago

I have (had?) a radiant floor system in the main bathroom of the house I bought last summer. There is tile flooring in the room. The thermostat is by Suntouch. It was working well until early January when we had a power failure that lasted a few hours. After the power came on again, the system did not return to normal operation. Re-set the breaker a couple of times, still cannot get the floors to heat.
The thermostat is on, keeps the time and shows floor temp but will not heat the floor. I have tried manual operation, tried reprogramming (though I don’t have the manual and cannot find my model online) and still… cold feet.

My questions:

  1. Based on the discussion forum on the Suntouch website, people with similar issues were prompted to just buy a new $200+ thermostat, as it seems that these thermostats don’t have a long working life. Why? Other heating and cooling systems seem to have much more robust and reliable functionality. Why again?
  2. Is there a more reliable thermostat I can switch over to? I don’t want this same problem again with the next power failure during a winter storm.
  3. Is replacing such a thermostat something befitting a DIY person who is willing to read instructions?

Thanks for your assistance.

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