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Is sedum an appropriate border plant around paver brick patio?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We are in the Chicago area - Zone 5. Hot summers and cold winters.

I need to plant a border of something around the entire edge of my paver patio. As it stands, the sand from the pavers seems to smother the grass at the edge, which makes the grass die and causes erosion. Remediation attempts by the patio company are always temporary fixes. I want something hardier to plant around the edge of the patio as a border. This will hopefully prevent more erosion, or at least obscure it, assuming my plant border can survive where the grass did not. Plus, I think a nice pink or purple blooming border at the edge could look pretty.

I need this plant border to be dog friendly, and not too tall, as I want it to be easy to step over without stepping on it (for humans; dog can step on). Much of the plant border will be in full sun during the summer, but part of it will come into fairly persistent shade. Sedum is sounding good to me - almost perfect for my needs - but I read that it spreads by runners. Will these runners be strong enough to jostle and upend the bricks?

Otherwise, liriope is another choice I was considering, but with a max height of 2 feet, it's too tall. I'd prefer something less than a foot tall, or a foot max.

Dianthus would look nice, but it is reputedly toxic to dogs. I don't think my current dog would eat it, but can't know about future pets or visitors, so I'd like to just avoid toxic plants.

I'd appreciate your plant-focused insights (I have my own thoughts about the patio company)! Thanks in advance.

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