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My pride and joy yellow brooms mostly died! Suggestions to replace?

last year
last modified: last year

For about 15 years we have enjoyed our yellow brooms evergreen nature in the winter. These are the only 3 that seem to have mostly survived the -20F this year.

The rest are brown with alot of dead. In my experience these do not come back so will likely have to be removed.

I would love suggestions on a plant that looks good in the winter that will also be ornamental on the retaining walls.

My yellow hardy ice plants turn a really pretty red in the winter so they are definitely an option. They are spreading and low care. The only parts that seem to have died are the parts hanging down the wall.

I could put in white ice plants and some of the other colors that are low growing and hardy to break up the color. But generally they take many years to get this big, if they even survive on the top of the wall, so am looking for other options.

Would be interested in other options that meet the following criteria:

- Pleasing to look at in the winter.

- No trimming or dead item removal.

- Drought and heat tolerant, winter hardy.

A wider picture of the space:


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