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A lot of wood already - flooring?

Terrie Carrozzella
2 months ago

Hi! My home is rustic. We are replacing the flooring from disgusting carpet to luxury vinyl and I am trying to figure out what to choose. The entire interior is wood. The walls, ceiling, and beams are wood.

Initially, I thought going with a wood floor would make us feel like we are living in a box. But while looking through photos, I do see that people do wooden flooring with wooden interiors.

I have flooring picked out right now that is the same color as the carpet we are getting rid of. But now I am questioning myself. We will have small rugs down, so that could break up the wood if we choose that option.

The walls are the same color, it's the way the light is hitting them. The wall with the picture is accurate. And obviously, it's

not always this bright inside.

Help! And thanks in advance.

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