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Tree root competition

old_dirt 6a
2 months ago

Not 100% hosta subject but with all the concerns regarding tree root competition, I thought I'd share this.

Last year i put in a raised bed in a semi sunny location to raise some vegetables. The bed is 4'x10'x8' deep. I put a heavy layer of cardboard in the bottom to surpress weeds and filled it with a top soil and compost mix. This year while adding a couple inches of compost, i discovered all the tree roots and tried to get rid of them all. There is a med/lrg maple about 20' from it and a large white pine about 40' from it

The picture below is the roots taken from only half of the bed, a 4'x5' area. Unbelievable the amount of roots in one year, not to mention the 100's (literally) of the little white grubs.

No wonder I have problems with my hostas, they are located nearby with many more trees and closer to the beds.

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