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What are important questions I should be asking builder about HVAC?


We are doing essentially a gut renovation of a 1970s house that will end up being about 3,200 SF. The house is partially framed now and I know builder and architect are discussing HVAC placement. However, before anything gets finalized, we're Googling/reading and trying to learn what we don't know and what questions are important to ask given that this is one of the most important and most expensive items.

Some details about the house

  • We are in CT
  • Throughout house, ceiling height is/will remain standard ~8'.
  • All windows and doors are being replaced and will be new Marvin Elevate casements
  • All new insulation
  • We have natural gas and are installing solar on roof (we have a great roof for solar)
  • Planning two zones: upstairs and downstairs + keeping old radiators for semi-finished basement.

A few questions/concerns we know we have are about noise. When we were doing home search before buying this one, we went through A LOT of homes and noticed that some had extremely loud HVAC systems. (Granted, I think they were not new builds). We're also wondering how you get the most evenness(?? if correct term) of temperature. Even though we had 4 zones in our former 1920s house, with each floor zoned for new-window/renovated part and old sash-cord windowed unrenovated part, we had so much temperature unevenness. But that was also 2009!

We are not on site - living about 4 hours away at relative's house - so not easy to pop over to house!

I'd greatly appreciate any input on what are things we should look into and/or ask our builder. I assume, for example, that we should ask to have convo with his HVAC person??

Thanks in advance!

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