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Yet another red oak floor stain dilemma

Katie Altman
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I've read the many discussions here about red oak. My takeaway is that I should use a brown that has green undertones to avoid the floor being too red. And that gray on red oak can make it turn pink. However, I do like the look of brown-gray stain combinations, as well as browns that are slightly whitened. I am looking for a mid-toned color, not too light and not too dark.

I am going to use Bona stain and found some suggested custom mixes here:

Right now I'm just trying to decide what colors to have the floor guys test, and I'm looking at these from that site:

DF6 (2 parts White, 1 part graphite)

DF24 (1 part Jacobean, 1 part Grey)

DF27 (1 part Jacobean, 1 part White)

DF42 (1 part Medium Brown, 1 part Grey)

DF45 (1 part Antique Brown, 1 part White)

DF50 (2 parts Cherry, 1 part Grey/White and 1 part Grey)

DF55 (8 parts Antique Brown, 1 part White, 2 parts Graphite)

DF64 (1 part White, 1 part Grey)

Or maybe combining Provincial or Antique Brown with natural?

Does anyone have insight into how these colors might work? ALSO, I have some walnut furniture, and will the floor look ok with a more ashy brown base color? Thanks for any help in narrowing down!

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