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Issue staining Red Oak hardwood floor (Dark Stain)

12 years ago

Hi guys, I have a question I'd like to ask to the expert on the forum and to the members that have already dealt with this...

The contractor has just finished installing the hardwood floor on the first level, and he's gonna start the main level in a couple days.

I have told him that I like a really dark stain, I originally used a sample of the floor he gave me (4" Select or Better unfinished Red Oak) and I stained it with Minwax Jacobean.

I really liked the result...but unfortunately he forgot to mention that the stain gets darker on an unsanded surface...and so when he stained a couple square feet of sanded floor the result was a brown and yellow floor.

I understand Red Oak has a very particular grain, and it will take the stain differently than other species, but I didn't expect the yellow.

He also tried some Ebony but with a similar result.

I saw this pictures on a catalog, it's a prefinished red oak, very dark, and it seems the stain is more constant.

How do you achieve that dark tone throughout the whole floor?




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