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Dishwasher and other appliances placement in a new kitchen

Julia L
7 months ago

I'm working on a plan for a new 24'x28' two story house for me and my husband.
The plan shown is the first floor.
I want a kitchen with a peninsula as I liked eating at an island in my previous houses.
I also want to use the peninsula for prep so I put the stove next to it. I find it convenient having a stove right next to a prep area. We cook meals a lot and preserve many veggies and fruits.
The thing is that I don't want to put a dishwasher next to the sink because I won't have much cabinet space on that wall due to the fridge and the window. I need upper cabinets to put away clean dishes from the dishwasher. So I put the dishwasher next to the stove.
Does anybody have a dishwasher a bit away from the sink like my plan? I'm not too worried about plumbing. I'm just worried if it'll be too inconvenient to move dirty dishes from the sink to the dishwasher after I rinse them.
Also I'd like advice on the plan.
FYI, I'll put two freezers and one mini fridge in the room at the bottom right which is my pantry/hobby room.
Thank you.

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