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Thanksgiving Cactus confused - blooming now!

3 months ago

So my Thanksgiving Cactus is very confused - it is blooming NOW! It did not bloom last fall. Possibly the change in environment had an impact since we moved from Colorado to Kansas in late summer.

I've had it sitting in the window sill where it gets more direct sunlight and noticed it started getting red color in the leaf ends - which is pretty. I haven't changed anything else with it, and I never really did much to it in the past and it always bloomed. But I read that to help them to bloom they require less light, so tried keeping it in a room with the lights turned off after dusk, or kept it covered by the curtains. When that didn't work by end of Dec., I just went back to keeping it on the window sill and planned to try again in the fall. Then it started getting buds on it and is now blooming!

So either it's turned into a Spring Cactus, lol, or it will still bloom come this Nov. Will be interesting to see what happens.

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