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Portion of radiant floor not workin

Den Rog
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago


I've tried to browse the web but no direct answers yet. Hoping you fine folks have some ideas.

We have a brand new house (1 year old). The main floor has about 1400 sq ft. The whole main floor including the garage has radiant flooring with a boiler. Everything is heating and working fine except in our bathroom.

Our bathroom is tile, and exactly half the bathroom radiant floor heat is working. When I walk in, the floor is nice and warm, and when I get to the other half of the bathroom it's ice cold, like someone drew a line right down the middle of it the heat cuts off.

I've inspected the boiler and all the lines/pumps, etc. No errors, everything seems intact. All switches are on and in right direction. The thermostat seems to be working.

Any ideas on how to figure out why only half our bathroom floor heat is working? Thanks!

See images below of the system, if this helps at all.

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