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Experience with Holgate closet from Rejuvenation?

Margo C
last year

We are looking at closet systems for our walk-in closet, and noticed Holgate closets from Rejuvenation are really stylish and look convenient (modular/customizable). Very pricey though! So, we are wondering if anyone has any experience or has seen them in person? We don't live close enough to see one in person so it would be a bit of a leap of faith to order. Hence hoping to hear from you if you have experience!

One more question. Our ceilings are not high enough to use the 96, so we would have to use the 72 inch rods. We know that might be a little low to hang, esp. to double-hang, but do you think it's doable or would that be really out there?

Thanks for your guidance or feedback!

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