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master bath/closet for LESS than 50K???

12 years ago

I've learned ever so much here and am very thankful to you all, but there is no way I'll be buying Toto toilets and 120 dollar can lights or 800 dollar shower fittings. I'd love to, but it's just not gonna happen.

It would be really helpful if some of the pros here would talk about the quality of lower priced stuff too. I have a GC that I trust, no problem, but I still need to make informed decisions about products. The toilet - ooh, those skirted models are gorgeous, and it really needs to conserve water. DH refuses to spend more than 300 on a toilet. Low voltage can lights are desired, but nobody likes anything but Juno or Halo or Luminaire or.... The GC says scratch-built cabinetry, I say why not modular? etc., etc.

The planning is all done, the tile and sinks are selected. The sconces are selected. The finishes are selected. The brands and varieties are bogging me down now.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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