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Locked Out, Wrong Pin

I bought a new Lenovo Laptop recently with Windows 10. I went thru all the setup steps to get the lap top going and it has been fine. I don't use that laptop much. It's mostly for traveling use.

A few days ago I got a new router for my home internet. So I needed to reset all computers and cell phones with the new router's password. All was fine until I got to the new laptop. I FORGOT the pin to enter. I tried and tried to remember what pin I had entered. The laptop finally told me I could go to the internet Microsoft account to get things worked out. Well, I couldn't do that because that laptop's internet had not been reset to the new router. So I am totally stuck.

So, after you told me that I am the only stupid guy on earth not to have safe kept the pin someplace, can you help me so I don't have to hammer that laptop?

Thanks in advance.


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