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Low water pressure for popup sprinklers

Hi All,

I am looking for some advice before I install a sprinkler system.

I did the ‘bucket test’ as I do not have any method of reading pressure. This involved timing how long to fill a 9m bucket from the outside tap. 21 seconds. I saw the formula 60 / 21 x 9 = Flow Rate of 25.7.

I then understand the total flow rate of all the sprinkler cannot exceed the supply flow rate of 25.7.

My garden Is 13 Meters x 12 Meters and about 6 Meters away from the supply tap. I was planning on burying 19mm poly pipe and installing some pop up sprinklers. Ideally on one supply so they all come on together. When looking at sprinklers my supply flow rate seems to be a problem.

Any advice on solution with low water pressure would be greatly appreciated.

1. Size of pipe

2. Type of sprinklers


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