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Success growing apricot or peaches in containers?

Travis in PHX (9b)
3 months ago

Hi all,
I purchased an apricot tree last fall with the intention of keeping it in a container, due to space and HOA constraints. I was under the impression that with proper pruning (top and root), I could keep this small and happy. I recently heard a trusted source (Ed Laivo) say that he doesn't think any stone fruit can do well in a container. He said they do well for about 3 years and then they start to dwindle. He said the rootstock are so vigorous and don't adapt well to container culture. He said root pruning will set the tree back about 2 years, so it becomes a self-defeating cycle. He said citrus are very adaptable to containers, but not stone fruit. He likened it to fish in a fishbowl. Some fish will adapt well to the smaller environment, and some won't. FWIW, Ed is a big name in the "small tree" movement so I know his perspective isn't coming from a place of ignorance regarding how to keep trees small.
Anyway, I'm less than 1 year into this apricot tree, so too early for me to tell, but I'm heartbroken at the thought of having to get rid of this tree so quickly. Can anyone confirm or refute Ed's assertion with their own experiences?

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