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Plum+Apricot+Peach? Is there such a thing?

13 years ago

I have a pluot (sorry, I don't know what type) that produced wonderful fruit two years ago and surprised me with a limb of outstanding apriots originating from a low branch off of the on the main trunk.

Last year I pruned the tree down to a managable height. Also, it did not set a single pluot or apricot. In fact, the apricot branch had broken nearly off the previous year due to the weight of the fruit and the fact that I could not prune it as it reached too far over my neighbor's fence.

This year, we've had a bumper crop of pluots and I could see the apriot branch had recovered and you could even say thrived, as did the rest of the tree. I worked my way through the landscape trees to check on the apriots and was surprised to find there aren't any...they're all peaches! My guess is that they are all some type of white cling, and they are delicious.

I wasn't surprised by the apricots, but now they're peaches off of the same branch. How is that possible?

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