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How to handle recipes calling for lemon zest?

Susan Tweeton
last month

I was making a cake yesterday that called for 1 tbsp. of lemon zest. I had only two lemons on hand and assumed that'd be enough. Well, it wasn't. I probably needed at least another lemon's worth of zest. Although I used some of the lemon juice in the cake and the glaze, I was left with one naked lemon to store. If I had used another lemon to achieve the full complement of zest called for in the recipe, I would have ended up with two naked lemons in the fridge.

What do you do when making a recipe that calls for lemon zest? Is there something else you add to up the lemon flavor when you don't have enough zest? Like extract, oil, or the lemon paste that KAF sells? I'm not really crazy about dried lemon peel that is sold with spices. I've frozen lemon zest before, but it dried to almost nothingness in the freezer. Any ideas?

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