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Bathroom remodel help!!

krystieann rondomanski
last month
last modified: last month

having my bathroom remodeled and having some issues with my contractor. Here’s some photos of the shower floor he recently layed. Some issues I’ve noticed but not sure if it’s me just bring picky or if it’s legitimate problems either now or would lead to some later.

First concern is the way the tile is layed around the drain …the mosaics sit above it, like there’s a lip and its jagged when standing on it/rubbing your hand over it. Not including the fact i think it looks terribly cut

Second concern is there are multiple areas where there’s a finger gap between the mosaics which means large grout line. is this a problem or just cosmetic? (See 3rd photo)

Third concern is this HUGE gap between where the mosiacs stop and the outside edge where a threshold will sit. Some areas are so large i can fit 3 fingers in the gap…. hes planning on placing a 6”x60” marble threshold on the edge which covers it cosmetically but structurally it makes no sense that leaves a 2” gap under the threshold to shower floor….

ive already been scammed by one contractor and im terrified of being scammed by another the rest of his work has been great so far! when paying a lot of money i definitely want things to not only look nice bit more important be done correctly!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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