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rob333 (zone 7a)
last month
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I have fun making these cute little purses with scraps (less than a yard of material). In every shape and fabric you can think of. Each has a different flavor. My child likes them so much, they commissioned me to make one for them. The pattern calls for using needlepoint plastic to stiffen the sides. But since she uses the purse every day, it basically disintegrated over a few of months. I can't think of anything that will be sturdy enough to be beaten up daily, but flexible enough to go inside of fabric. I wondered if maybe an acrylic window replacement would work? But I just don't know what to do. I'd love to repair the purse that she loves so much. Suggestions? Nothing is too odd, considering I came up with a window!

The green heart purse is one I made for my mom right before she died. The buttons were from her grandmother sewing box, and green was Mom's favorite color. I will make a purse out of anything!

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