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Question on load bearing.

Brandon Ring
last month

First time homeowner. I can do a bit of everything and I'm doing a full renovation.
This house has a wall between the living and dining room that bears the floor joists for the second level above. These joists run perpendicular to the first floor joists.
I want to remove the wall and replace it with a flush LVL beam. I've designed and calculated the beam and everything looks good. I drilled a small hole down through the subfloor to locate where the support for this wall comes from. It sits right between floor joists with no real support nearby. It seems the entire wall holding the second level joists in this area wasn't properly supported. I've had I beams installed under the first floor joists so it at least has that point of support now.
What I've done is dig/pour footers in the crawlspace. Then laid 16" flue block and filled with concrete and rebar. This concrete column is about an inch from reaching the floor joists above. I then installed blocking between the joists that rest tightly between the subfloor and the concrete column and are nailed to the joists. There's 10 of them so they nearly span the entire width of the column. Correct me if I'm wrong but these 16"x16" support columns should be more than enough to bear the weight of the two interior 4x6 shown supporting this beam, correct? I almost feel as if inserting the 4x6 through the subfloor and anchoring then directly to the concrete would have been better.

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