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Attic ventilation and mold.t

Mac Mac
2 months ago


Living in a cape cod style home in the New England area. The house was built in the late 90's and the roof was replaced 6 years ago(sheathing and shingles with continous soffit and ridge vent.

Last spring I noticed mold throughout the attic. From outside I removed some of the soffit vents and could not see much so stuck up my Iphone and also felt up to the bay and could feel the batts and baffle. From the attic there are baffles in most bays but not all of them and I am not sure if that is because of the dormers(2). I selected 1 bay and removed 2 batts that is as much as I could reach and pull them out, as the pitch is steep maybe 20' plus. I noticed that far down the bay there was also mold. So I think it is a lack of ventalation, but just a guess. Any thoughts on what is causing the mold and roof shingles are also dark.*posted pics

Thank you

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