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Okna Windows pricing 2023

Gregory Seth
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Question for window pro’s. I recieved pricing for Okna Windows ( 500 and 600 series). They are for replacement windows in basic white. The pricing for 10 double hungs is about $7950-$8200.

This represents an increase from the pricing I recieved in 2020. I do realize there was massive price inflation in 2021 and 2022 for all kinds of products and I guess it also translated to higher labor costs as well. Obviously I should have bought my windows in 2020 as I would have saved some money.

I had some other window estimates with different brands and its the same thing: higher prices!

My question is this; do you all expect prices to keep going up ? Is my pricing fair ?

Just an fyi, there are a lot of web sites with so called ” window pricing ” that claim to give prices on various brands. Those web sites are scams in my opinion. The pricing is outrageously low and not realistic. They also post fake customer reviews claiming they had cheap pricing. Those sites are meant to scam you into giving them your personal information and then you get bombarded with emails and phone calls. Beware !

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