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Ikea kitchen wall cabinet help for challenging corner

last month
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Hi everyone,

I had worked with a kitchen planner to help me plan my Ikea kitchen (I'm not good at 3-dimensional thinking and didn't trust myself to do this right). He took measurements when the kitchen was down to studs and estimated the extra distances for drywall and window/door trim and created a plan that worked for me. Silly me, I forgot that the measurements may have changed now that drywall is in and trim has been done. So I walked into Ikea yesterday ready to place my order. Fortunately, the staffer said I'd better measure again. Yep, good idea. I think most of my plan still works, but I no longer have the space to fit 36" wall cabinets into the corner. (See yellow highlighted area in first pic of the north wall.)

So he had planned something a bit complicated with a 36"w x 20"h cabinet stacked on top of a 36"w x 30"h cabinet. All accessed with a single 18"w x 50"h door. Based on the original plan and measurements I provided, the installers had no concerns about doing the necessary custom work to make this successful. (Although I never really understood how it worked, as the orientation of the 2 wall cabinets looked strange to me, but then I'm no good at 3D visualizing. Since it was clear to both of them, I figured it would come out okay.)

I'm also including a pic of the east wall plan, for reference. And a pic of what's going in to the left of the stove on the east wall.

Not shown, but just so you know, there's also a 66" kitchen island (with 3 base cabs of drawers) and on the south wall, 2 high pantries for additional storage. (All that is still fine.) The original planner is no longer available to answer questions.

What wall cab pieces could I stack together in that yellow highlighted area to get 50" total height, now using no more than 32" of width, and what door attachment would you recommend? Thank you for any recommendations!

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