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Color cleaner/lighter(?) than BM Bone-White (OC-143)

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

After many failed attempts of putting a green-blue on the walls (I think I've tried them all and it's just too blue for us), we are reverting to a neutral wall color.

The room is only 11/12 and has very low (6.5'!) ceilings, medium brown wood floors, filtered light in a SW window and hardly any light in a NW window (tree blocking it for most of the year). That being said, the room has one wall that is very washed out from the light during the day, the rest have gray/blue-ish cast to the walls. Around 3pm we get some light, esp in the summer, but winter is pretty dreary.

Fell in love with Bone White (BM OC-143) in photos online I love looks much lighter online (thanks to the wonders of photography). I painted a large portion of this wall in the phone and the opposite wall and it looks so much darker and muddy on our walls. Painted a large section on a wall and it's still muddier/grayer than we needed. I think this room needs "clean" color, due to all the shaded light but I have no clue. I just know what *doesn't* work on our walls.

I know I should have furnishings and rugs and all that. This room was gutted and we are starting fresh. We need paint b/c of time constraints and have not picked out anything yet. Rug will be wam colors - rustic/antique-y vibe. Cozy/office space bedroom.

That being said, I like that Bone White warm. Through many samples, we have found that LRV over 80 is too bright and washes out. We need some weight of color on the walls. LRV less than 40) seems to be too dark and makes the small room even smaller.

Tried SW Muslin on the walls and it was nice but kinda green.

SW Alabaster: way too light and the walls looked dingy.

BM LIme White: nice but seems very pink

BM Cameo white: too peach

I see that I"m leaning towards peachy colors but I actually don't like them lol I tried SW creamy and liked it but it's too light. I think the LRV is soemwhere around 85. I def need under 80 on our walls but not too dark. Of the colors I like, the ones that do not wash out th walls or get too dark fall in the 65-78 range.



thanks in advance!

Pic of Southwest window. the right corner is where the sunsets. On the right wall is a small window with a tree outside of it.

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