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Question/rant about cooktop/stovetop burner spacing

Ron Jennings
2 months ago

We have a 30" slide-in gas range, and we're planning a kitchen update within the next couple years. One of the decisions to be made is whether or not to upgrade from a 30" range to a 36". I'm leaning heavily toward just upgrading to a nicer 30" range, since some significant cabinet and countertop resizing would be necessary to do so.

My problem with our current range, though, is not so much the width of the range, but with the spacing between the burners. In particular, the depth (front-to-back) space between the centers of each pair of burners is only 8". My largest commonly-used pot is 10" in diameter, and the skillet I use almost daily is 12" in diameter. With either of those centered on the front, larger burner, there is no room for anything but a tiny (4") pot on the burner behind it, at most. Actually, with the skillet on the front burner, the rear burner is useless. I do all the cooking in our house, and this drives me bonkers.

The burners are centered 7-8" away from the edges of the stovetop. My assumption/guess for this spacing is so that the edges of a larger pot or pan don't hang over the edge of the stovetop when centered on the burner. I get that this is probably a safety "feature" to reduce burns or spills. It may even be that there is a regulatory requirement of minimum spacing between the stovetop edge and the burners.

So my question is: are there any manufacturers that produce ranges where the burners are centered, say 6" from the edges, such that there is, perhaps, 10" between the front and back burner centers? I want to stick with gas, for a variety of reasons, so I'm not willing to switch to electric/induction. It's gotta be gas. Do the higher-end brands, such as Viking or Wolf, make such things?

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