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Help With Front Elevation

H Templeton
last month


After unsuccessfully finding a house during the real estate frenzy, we decided to purchase land and build. We’ve built homes through production builders in the past, but this our first time going the custom route.

We are acting as the general contractors using an “owner/builder” program. We decided to use the in-house designer with this program, and although he has decades of construction and “design” experience, he is not an architect, so I am not sure if there are certain rules, e.g., balance, proportion, etc that were not applied.

I’m hoping to get input and advice about our front elevation. There are certain elements that must remain because of the interior layout and city requirements - chief among them being the garage layout and the three side-by-side windows in the center second level.

My main issue is the lack of proportion/balance with those three second level windows vs the single window below in the bump out. I feel like there should be either three windows or a wider window on the lower level to match the width of three windows at the top.

The peak/gable of the bump out bothers me also. I feel an awning might look better than the peak to add balance if the single endow remains on the lower level.

I addressed the issue with the two windows on the lower level being different heights, so the window in the bump out will be taller to look more in-line with the window on the lower right.

I appreciate any input. Thanks so much.

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