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Last week of January 2023

AmyinOwasso/zone 6b
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Wow, where does the time go.In the previous thread, Kim said she fell and was recovering. What did you injure? I hope you feel better. I fell yesterday, too. Tripped over the beagle. Bruised my replaced knee, banged my head on a wooden chair and wrenched my neck. I keep finding other places that are sore. We just don't bounce any more, do we Kim?
Larry, Ron was at Walmart at noon and there were 7 electric scooters available. At noon on Saturday. I told him they were probably all dead, which used to be my experience. I quit going to our Walmart when they took the benches out. I did a couple of pick up orders. Now, if I need something from Walmart I order on line. I suspect lockdown was bad for Walmart. Everything I used to buy there I get on Amazon.
I haven't felt well, so I binge watched This Is Us yesterday. Dawn mentioned this once and I am enjoying it.
I will stop for now because sometimes my posts go to internet limbo. Have a good week.

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