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Countertop Options?? Quartz vs. Quartzite

We will be completing a total kitchen remodel this spring and I cannot figure out countertops. I actually plan to use the same material for both the countertops and full backsplash.

I was sold on only Quartzite because it is a natural stone and looks more “real” in my opinion. My fabricator expressed some concerns with using a light colored quartzite saying it would soak up the water from the water saw and leave stains. Also, the countertop is easily stainable, especially with the lighter color. (I’m looking at a Quartzite called White Lux or Monte Blanc.) Also, the cost of quartzite is pretty steep, but I am willing to pay to love my kitchen.

Then there is quartz. I have heard this is what most people go for these days. They say it’s durable and heat resistant, but then I do some research and other people comment on how it is not durable, white quartz can turn yellow, etc. I am looking at a Calcutta Gold pattern. The cost of quartz seems to half that of quartzite, so I try to think of the savings that would allow.

Please let me know if you have experience with quartzite or quartz. I would love to here the opinion of someone who has had it in their life. Thank you!!

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