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Help please! Quartz vs. quartzite kitchen countertop?!

7 years ago

Hi all! I'd like a countertop that looks like marble (white with grayish streaks- is that called carrera?) but that's more durable- I thought I settled on quartz but everything I see that's mimicking a carrera looks very artificial. Should I be looking at quartzite instead? I just started researching and it says that it's not as heat or stain or dent resistant as quartz and that it also needs to be sealed 1-2 times a year? I'm sure they are both better than marble or granite, but just compared to each other, is the quartzite noticably weaker against stains, denting, and heat tolerance? Any advice or PHOTOS would be especially helpful! I'm going on a hunt tomorrow for countertops and I feel so lost in my search! I also have to find something that's in stock for our contractor next week. Yikes. Thanks in advance everyone!

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