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Amico 5/6 inch 3CCT LED Recessed Lighting (dimmable) vs BR30 LED bulbs

W Chuang
2 months ago

Hi there, thanks for helping out in advance!

I'm debating whether I should go ahead to change our existing recessed lights with Amazon's best sller Amico 5/6 inch 3CCT LED Recessed lights (retrofit installation) vs just changing the light bulbs with new BR30 LED light bulbs. What's the pros and cons of using such retrofit lights? What does 3CCT mean, and would such retrofit light last longer (average life of 35000 hours according to Amazon website, versus Amazon branded BR30 LED light bulbs which claim to have life of 10,000 hours (some other brands claims to have 25,000 lifetime hours). Any thoughts? Thanks!

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