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Bathroom Door Dilemma

2 months ago

Hi, all. I need some guidance on a new bathroom door. When we moved in, our master bathroom had a barn door entry. I’m am generally not a fan of barn doors, and this is a 1935 Tudor with solid wood doors throughout, so we removed it and haven’t had a bathroom door in almost 2 years (!!). We’re renovating our kitchen now and asked the contractors to add a door as a side project.

I’ve attached some pictures. It’s a little hard to see because the renovation includes a part of our master bedroom, but I’ve also attached a pic from the real estate listing. Our current room is laid out the same. The door frame doesn’t appear to have a jamb or anything… just a frame and trim (I don’t know door terminology). The opening is 30.5”W x 80.5”H. My preference would be small double doors (don’t need to lock—a top catch would be fine) that open into the bedroom so they don’t hit the shower. I’m worried a single door would open too far into the room. The trim/door guy can only get that size door unit in a flat slab, hollow core door. They are charging $1000 for the door unit, installation, and paint, plus the addition of some slim molding to try to coordinate with old doors. I’m concerned the hollow door will look cheap in comparison to the solid wood doors in the rest of the house.

Does anybody have any creative solutions? At our old house, a contractor replaced a single bathroom door with two small double doors, and I’m pretty sure he just cut a solid wood door in half. I may be misremembering, and that bathroom door also would have had the structure/jamb/whatever in place that this one doesn’t.


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