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1917 city garden planning challenge!

war garden
2 months ago

here is a city garden plan from 1917. the challenge is determine
how many plants of each vegetable are in the diagram.
think of it as crossword problem for gardeners
as for the prize the winner get bragging rights..
if think you have answer Pm it to me so not spoil for others.

the deadline for for answering before I post the answer is
sept 30 2023.
Just to let you know it took me. 4 days figure it out.
It not as easy as it seems.

the city garden plan from
The Oregon Daily Journal

page one is the plan
page two is the explanation of the .
the other pages give more details that might be helpful.
please enjoy.
feel free to comment on any flaw problem you may see in the plan.

I hope all all 7 pages are clear enough to read if not
I will post the text typed by had if anyone has problem reading it.

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