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Small entryway/hallway lighting

Michelle S.
last year

I don't have a formal foyer. There is a very small entryway area that leads into a short, narrow hallway. Right now, I have a one light fixture in the middle of the hallway. However, I would like to change it. I have a fixture in my upstairs hallway that I like but it isn't bright enough on its own. I wasthinking of removing the current fixture and placing the one from my upstairs hall closer to the front door amd adding a second one close to the end of the hallway. However, if I do this amd want to change the fixtures down the line, I couldn't use a fixture that would be longer than these because they'd interfere with the door opening.
Is it possible to add a couple of recessed lights to add brightness, if I,switch the downstairs and upstairs fixtures and ldon't move the light closer to the front door or is that not an option? The length of the hallway from the front door is 160."

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