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primary bedroom dilemma

Karima L
last year

Recently moved and trying to figure out furniture/layout for my primary bedroom. Room is mostly painted white with white oak herringbone floors, has sliding door to walkout deck on one wall, and has a black painted accent wall on another wall with built in sconces and a long narrow horizontal window between them (above the bed). So far I have a Room & Board upholstered Wyatt king bed in ivory and Crate & Barrell Levon mirror in natural wood. My style is pretty greek revival or warm modern with touches of contrast. Interested in white, black, beige, sage green, rose color schemes - not very into reds/oranges/etc.

I'm trying to figure out:

1) If the layout I've thought of makes the best use of the room? Would the mirror be better in one of the corners instead? It's quite huge and almost at the ceiling.

2) What dressers/nightstand would go best? The dresser is against a white wall and the nightstands are against a black wall. Some moodboards attached with the existing bed & mirror and ideas for other items...But not in love with anything.

3) What style rug would go well? I like modern or moroccan but not even sure of color schemes.

Thank you so much in advance!

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